MCT Coconut Powder

Spray Dried MCT Oil - made from Medium Chain TriGlycerides is an industrial raw material used in Nutraceutical industry. MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides consist of Capric / Caprylic acid derived generally from Coconut Oil and are known for their effectiveness in excess calorie burning thus promoting weight loss. They are also known to promote fat oxidation and reduced food intake. Esterlings offers Spray Dried MCT Oil in free flowing powder form with 50% to 70% MCT oil content.


Purity 100%
Moisture Less than 2%
Fat Content 62 to 65%
Free Fatty Acid 0. 03%
Ph 6. 85
Dietary Fiber 9 G 36%
Protein 3.3 G 6%
Iron 13%